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Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management – Strength is born of order

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) accelerates processes and improves data access. Less paper consumption also decreases costs and is more environmentally friendly.
More than four trillion paper documents have been amassed at US companies alone and their number increases annually by 22% according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Information in papers stored in warehouses remains unused or is even lost. With ECM by T-Systems companies can consolidate their documents on a standard platform. The documents required are available to all authorized employees of the various departments in seconds with a mere press of the button.

Sustainable information management

T-Systems advises companies in their selection of suitable ECM solutions for the collection, forwarding, storage, revision, provision – and, if need be, destruction – of documents. Integration into the existing application landscape, application management and maintenance of the system landscape are also part of the service offer. Customers can also use SCM as a virtual “software as a service” solution. This saves on investment in hardware and software.
As an independent service provider, T-Systems works together with renowned ECM software providers. T-Systems also has its own innovative solution, the ImageMaster, which is currently being used by around 25 million end-users. The ImageMaster’s ProductSuite provides companies with a software kit to build their own individual ECM architecture.
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